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    What To Expect if You Buy or Sell a Home This June

    By Zack Petrocca | June 6, 2024

    June is a busy month in the housing market because a lot of people buy and se Read More

    How an Agent Helps Market Your House

    By Zack Petrocca | May 31, 2024

    Selling your home involves more than just listing it online; it requires a strategic marketing plan to attract potential buyers. A professional real estate agent provides invaluable assistance by crafting compelling descriptions, arranging for high-quality photos, and utilizing various marketing channels. From hosting open houses to leveraging social media and online platforms, agents ensure your home reaches a wide audience. They also provide insights into market trends, helping you price your home competitively. In the Capital Region and Hudson Valley, partnering with an experienced agent means you're tapping into a wealth of local knowledge and marketing expertise to sell your home efficiently and effectively. Read More

    What’s Motivating Your Move?

    By Zack Petrocca | May 24, 2024

    Are you considering selling your home in the Capital Region or Hudson Valley? It's essential to reflect on the reasons behind your decision to move. Read More

    Worried About Home Maintenance Costs? Consider This

    By Zack Petrocca | May 23, 2024

    Are you worried about the costs of maintaining your home? As a homeowner in the Capital Region and Hudson Valley, it’s important to be prepared for these expenses, which can sometimes catch you by surprise. Regular upkeep not only keeps your home safe and comfortable but also helps in retaining or even increasing its value over time. Read More

    How Buying or Selling a Home Boosts Your Local Community

    By Zack Petrocca | May 9, 2024

    Are you considering buying or selling a home in the Capital Region or Hudson Valley of New York? You might be surprised to learn just how much of an impact your decision can have on the community around you. Read More

    Top 5 Reasons to Choose CORE Real Estate Team When Buying a Home in the Capital Region & Hudson Valley

    By Zack Petrocca | April 19, 2024

    Are you considering buying a home in the picturesque landscapes of the Capital Region & Hudson Valley? As you embark on this exciting journey, it's essential to have the right guidance by your side. Here are the top five reasons why partnering with our brokerage is crucial for a successful home buying experience: Read More

    November 2023 Market Update

    By Zack Petrocca | November 13, 2023

    The Capital Region of New York has long been a hub of economic activity, culture, and education. Home to the state’s capital, Albany, and cities like Schenectady and Troy, this region has a lot to offer both residents and investors. As we delve into the real estate market update for November 2023, we will explore... Read More

    Sean representing Brandon in the purchase of his house and more!

    By Zack Petrocca | October 31, 2023

    Brandon sits down with Sean Martin to recount their unique home-buying journey. Listen as they delve into the intricacies of Sean representing Brandon in his home purchase, offering a rare behind-the-scenes look at the challenges faced when dealing with a particular seller and why Brandon believed Sean was the linchpin in ensuring a smooth transaction and guiding both parties to the finish line. Read More

    A Real Estate Agent Helps Take the Fear Out of the Market

    By Zack Petrocca | October 30, 2023

    Do worrying news stories and discussions on social media make you worry about the home market? You may have even just saw or heard anything that frightened you and caused you to consider whether you should still buy or sell a home at this time. Read More

    Capitalizing on Real Estate Investment Opportunities in the Capital Region, New York”

    By Zack Petrocca | October 29, 2023

    Welcome to Core Real Estate Team, your trusted partner in uncovering the wealth of real estate investment opportunities in the Capital Region, New York. With its diverse economy, burgeoning job market, and vibrant communities, this region has become a hotbed for real estate investors seeking long-term growth and income potential. In this blog post, we'll dive deeper into the reasons why investing in the Capital Region is a savvy choice and provide you with valuable insights to maximize your investment success. Read More

    Finding Your Dream Home in the Capital Region, New York: A Buyer’s Guide

    By Zack Petrocca | October 27, 2023

    Finding your dream home in this vibrant and diverse area can be an exciting experience, whether you're a first-time home buyer or an experienced investor. We'll give you helpful advice, insider hints, and direction in this in-depth blog post so you may confidently move through the Capital Region home-buying process. Read More

    Jessie Reamer Joins the Teenage Realtors Pod!

    By Zack Petrocca | October 26, 2023

    Step into the dynamic world of Agent Jessie Reamer in this enlightening episode of 'Teenage Realtors'. Jessie shares the pivotal moments that led her into the captivating realm of real estate and what it felt like to become an integral part of the Core Real Estate Team. Dive deep into the significance of her sphere of influence, exploring how these relationships shape her professional journey and personal growth. Read More

    Selling Your Home in the Capital Region, New York: A Comprehensive Guide

    By Zack Petrocca | October 25, 2023

    Selling a home in this vibrant area may be thrilling and difficult, regardless of your experience as a homeowner or a first-time seller. To assist you in making a successful and profitable transaction in the Capital Region, we'll give you access to a detailed guide in this blog article. Read More

    Are escalating mortgage rates an ongoing pattern?

    By Zack Petrocca | October 23, 2023

    The news media is paying a lot of attention to the recent return of rising mortgage rates. According to recent news, rates have even risen to their greatest point in more than 20 years (see graph below): Read More

    Investing in Real Estate in the Capital Region, New York: A Lucrative Opportunity

    By Zack Petrocca | October 22, 2023

    Welcome to Core Real Estate Team, your trusted partner in exploring the lucrative world of real estate investing in the Capital Region, New York. With its diverse economy, vibrant communities, and steady population growth, this region offers abundant opportunities for real estate investors. In this blog post, we'll delve into the potential benefits of investing in the Capital Region and provide you with valuable insights and strategies to make the most of your investment journey. Read More

    Core Building Blocks Episode #1; Beau Piorkowski’s Real Estate Journey

    By Zack Petrocca | October 21, 2023

    Join us in this riveting episode of 'Core Building Blocks' as we sit down with Beau Piorkowski, one of the shining stars and mentors of the Core Real Estate Team. Dive deep into Beau's journey - from kickstarting his career in property preservation upon his return to NY from Florida, navigating the dynamic world of banking, to his transformative leap into the realm of real estate. Listen in as Beau recounts the bitter experience of losing a hard-earned bonus, an incident that fueled his resolve to control his own destiny in real estate. Read More

    Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Real Estate in the Capital Region, New York

    By Zack Petrocca | October 20, 2023

    Finding the ideal property in this booming area can be an exciting but challenging adventure, whether you're a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor. In this blog article, we'll provide you the complete manual you need to successfully navigate the home-buying process and discover your ideal residence in the Capital Region. Read More

    Teenage Realtor Podcast | Brandon Castle joins the show!

    By Zack Petrocca | October 19, 2023

    Join us in this insightful episode of 'Teenage Realtors' as we delve into the diverse journey of Brandon Castle. Discover how Brandon's foray into the world of commercial leasing became a stepping stone to his full-time real estate career. With the fourth quarter on the horizon, he shares invaluable lessons from past experiences, revealing strategies and preparations that have set him up for success. Read More

    Maximizing Your Home’s Value: A Seller’s Guide to Success in the Capital Region, New York

    By Zack Petrocca | October 18, 2023

    Whether you're selling your beloved family home or an investment property, we understand that the process can be both exciting and daunting. In this blog post, we'll provide valuable insights and tips to help you achieve a successful sale in this thriving region, known for its rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and growing opportunities. Read More

    Ryan O’Hare | Core Chronicles with Castle Ep. #1

    By Zack Petrocca | October 17, 2023

    Welcome to the inaugural episode of "Core Chronicles with Castle!" Each week, Castle dives deep with a distinct agent from the Core Real Estate Team. They'll explore their real estate journey, the joys of being a Core team member, favorite Core systems and training, and shine a spotlight on the individual behind the agent. Read More

    Podcast: Handling buyers that prefer to not use an agent with Sean and Brandon

    By Zack Petrocca | October 14, 2023

    In this eye-opening episode, Sean recounts a challenge that nearly every real estate agent will face at some point: the skeptical investor who'd rather bypass agents altogether. When presented with an investor adamant about handling transactions with just his attorney, how did Sean navigate this tricky situation? Tune in to hear how he masterfully turned skepticism into partnership, offering insights and strategies that every agent can benefit from. Whether you're a seasoned realtor or just starting out, you won't want to miss Sean's invaluable lessons on building trust and proving your worth in the dynamic world of real estate. Read More

    Discover the Power of Homeownership in the Capital Region of NY

    By Zack Petrocca | October 13, 2023

    Envision your future in the Capital Region of NY. Perhaps you're contemplating career advancements, financial growth, or achieving certain milestones. Does owning a home in this region fit into that picture? If so, it's essential to recognize the myriad of financial advantages that come with homeownership. Read More

    5 Reasons Millennials Are Buying Homes

    By Zack Petrocca | May 31, 2023

    In the United States, there are over 72 million millennials. If you’re part of that generation and have thought about buying a home, you aren’t alone. According to Zonda, 98% of millennials want to become a homeowner at some point if they aren’t already. But why? There are plenty of reasons you may choose to become a homeowner. Here’s why other millennials... Read More

    Think Twice Before Waiting for Lower Home Prices

    By Zack Petrocca | May 30, 2023

    As the housing market continues to change, you may be wondering where it’ll go from here. One factor you’re probably thinking about is home prices, which have come down a bit since they peaked last June. And you’ve likely heard something in the news or on social media about a price crash on the horizon.... Read More

    Why Today’s Foreclosure Numbers Are Nothing Like 2008

    By Zack Petrocca | May 29, 2023

    You’ve likely seen headlines about the number of foreclosures climbing in today’s housing market. That may leave you with a few questions, especially if you’re thinking about buying a house. Understanding what they really mean is mission-critical if you want to know the truth about what’s happening today. According to a recent report from ATTOM, a property data... Read More

    The Three Factors Affecting Home Affordability Today

    By Zack Petrocca | May 28, 2023

    There’s been a lot of focus on higher mortgage rates and how they’re creating affordability challenges for today’s homebuyers. It’s true that rates climbed dramatically since the record-low we saw during the pandemic. But home affordability is based on more than just mortgage rates – it’s determined by a combination of mortgage rates, home prices, and wages.... Read More

    What Are the Experts Saying About the Spring Housing Market?

    By Zack Petrocca | May 27, 2023

    The housing market’s been going through a lot of change lately, and there’s been uncertainty surrounding what will happen this spring. You may be wondering if more homes will go on the market, what’s next with home prices and mortgage rates, or what the best advice is for someone in your position right now. Here’s what industry experts... Read More

    The Power of Pre-Approval

    By Zack Petrocca | May 26, 2023

    If you’re buying a home this spring, today’s housing market can feel like a challenge. With so few homes on the market right now, plus higher mortgage rates, it’s essential to have a firm grasp on your homebuying budget. You’ll also need a sense of determination to find the right house and act quickly when you go... Read More

    What’s the Difference Between a Home Inspection and an Appraisal?

    By Zack Petrocca | May 25, 2023

    If you’re planning to buy a home, an inspection is an important step in the process. It assesses the condition of the home before you finalize the transaction. It’s also a different step in the process from an appraisal, which is a professional evaluation of the market value of the home you’d like to buy. In... Read More

    The Worst Home Price Declines Are Behind Us

    By Zack Petrocca | May 24, 2023

    If you’re following the news today, you may feel a bit unsure about what’s happening with home prices and fear whether or not the worst is yet to come. That’s because today’s headlines are painting an unnecessarily negative picture. Contrary to those headlines, home prices aren’t in a freefall. The latest data tells a very different and much more positive story.... Read More

    Homeowners Have Incredible Equity To Leverage Right Now

    By Zack Petrocca | May 23, 2023

    Even though home prices have moderated over the last year, many homeowners still have an incredible amount of equity. But what is equity? In the simplest terms, equity is the difference between the market value of your home and the amount you owe on your mortgage. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) explains how your equity grows over time: “Housing wealth... Read More

    The Best Time To Sell Your House Is When Others Aren’t Selling

    By Zack Petrocca | May 22, 2023

    If you’re thinking about selling your house, you should know the number of homes for sale right now is low. That’s because, this season, there are fewer sellers listing their houses for sale than the norm. Looking back at every April since 2017, the only year when fewer sellers listed their homes was in April 2020, when the pandemic hit... Read More

    The Impact of Inflation on Mortgage Rates

    By Zack Petrocca | May 21, 2023

    If you’re reading headlines about inflation or mortgage rates, you may see something about the recent decision from the Federal Reserve (the Fed). But what does it mean for you, the housing market, and your plans to buy a home? Here’s what you need to know. Inflation and the Housing Market While the Fed’s working hard to lower inflation, the... Read More

    Why Today’s Housing Market Is Not About To Crash

    By Zack Petrocca | May 20, 2023

    There’s been some concern lately that the housing market is headed for a crash. And given some of the affordability challenges in the housing market, along with a lot of recession talk in the media, it’s easy enough to understand why that worry has come up. But the data clearly shows today’s market is very different than it was... Read More

    It May Be Time To Consider a Newly Built Home

    By Zack Petrocca | May 19, 2023

    If you’re looking to buy a house, you may find today’s limited supply of homes available for sale challenging. When housing inventory is as low as it is right now, it can feel like a bit of an uphill battle to find the perfect home for you because there just isn’t that much to choose from.... Read More

    How Homeowners Win When They Downsize

    By Zack Petrocca | May 18, 2023

    Downsizing has long been a popular option when homeowners reach retirement age. But there are plenty of other life changes that could make downsizing worthwhile. Homeowners who have experienced a change in their lives or no longer feel like their house fits their needs may benefit from downsizing too. U.S. News explains: “Downsizing is somewhat common among older people and retirees who no longer have... Read More

    Buyer Activity Is Up Despite Higher Mortgage Rates

    By Zack Petrocca | May 17, 2023

    If you’re a homeowner thinking about making a move, you may wonder if it’s still a good time to sell your house. Here’s the good news. Even with higher mortgage rates, buyer traffic is actually picking up speed. Data from the latest ShowingTime Showing Index, which is a measure of buyers actively touring homes, helps paint the picture of how much... Read More

    A Recession Doesn’t Equal a Housing Crisis

    By Zack Petrocca | May 16, 2023

    Everywhere you look, people are talking about a potential recession. And if you’re planning to buy or sell a house, this may leave you wondering if your plans are still a wise move. To help ease your mind, experts are saying that if we do officially enter a recession, it’ll be mild and short. As... Read More

    Why Buying a Home Makes More Sense Than Renting Today

    By Zack Petrocca | May 15, 2023

    Wondering if you should continue renting or if you should buy a home this year? If so, consider this. Rental affordability is still a challenge and has been for years. That’s because, historically, rents trend up over time. Data from the Census shows rents have been climbing pretty steadily since 1988.  And, data from the latest rental report from shows rents continue to grow... Read More

    What led Broker/Owner, Brandon Oot, to get into Real Estate?

    By Zack Petrocca | May 14, 2023

    Broker/Owner of the Core Real Estate team, Brandon Oot, describes what led him to taking a leap of faith and starting his new career in Real Estate. Read More

    Why Selling Your Home When Others Aren’t Can Be Advantageous in the Capital Region & Hudson Valley Region of NY

    By Zack Petrocca | May 14, 2023

    If you're considering selling your house in the Capital Region and Hudson Valley Region of New York, it's crucial to understand the current state of the real estate market. Currently, the number of homes for sale is relatively low, with fewer sellers opting to list their houses compared to the usual market conditions. Read More

    Is It Easier To Find a Home To Buy Now?

    By Zack Petrocca | April 5, 2024

    If you’re thinking about buying a home, team up with a local real estate agent. That way, you’ll be up to date on everything that could affect your move, including how many homes are for sale right now. Read More

    What Every Homebuyer Should Know About Closing Costs

    By Zack Petrocca | April 4, 2024

    Closing costs are the fees and expenses you must pay before becoming the legal owner of a house, condo or townhome . . . Closing costs vary depending on the purchase price of the home and how it’s being financed Read More

    Why Access Is So Important When Selling Your House

    By Zack Petrocca | March 20, 2024

    Spring marks the peak season for homebuying, meaning that opening your doors to as many showings as possible can significantly leverage the heightened buyer activity during this time of year. Read More

    Your Home Is a Powerful Investment

    By Zack Petrocca | March 19, 2024

    As we entered 2023, there was widespread speculation about the possibility of an impending recession that could potentially trigger a housing market downturn. Media outlets were abuzz with forecasts of home prices plummeting by 10-20%, a prospect that may have left prospective homebuyers feeling uncertain about taking the plunge into homeownership. Read More