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Why Access Is So Important When Selling Your House

As you gear up to sell your home this spring in the Capital Region and Hudson Valley, one of the initial discussions you’ll have with your real estate agent is about granting access to potential buyers. Perhaps you haven’t fully grasped the significance of making your home easily accessible, but it can greatly influence the success of your selling journey.

Spring marks the peak season for homebuying, meaning that opening your doors to as many showings as possible can significantly leverage the heightened buyer activity during this time of year. With increased competition among buyers, allowing swift access to your property can potentially lead to multiple offers, giving you the upper hand in negotiations.

While it’s natural to want to minimize disruptions to your schedule and feel anxious about maintaining a pristine home, the benefits outweigh the inconveniences. As noted in an article from Investopedia:

If someone wants to view your house, you need to accommodate them, even if it inconveniences you. Clean and tidy the house before every single visit. A buyer won’t know or care if your house was clean last week. It’s a lot of work, but stay focused on the prize.”

Our agent will guide you through various access options tailored to your preferences. Here’s a breakdown, starting from the most convenient for buyers and progressing to options that are less buyer-centric:

  1. Lockbox on the Door: This provides agents with easy access to the key onsite, offering maximum flexibility for showings.
  2. Providing a Key to the Home: While still convenient, this option requires agents to pick up the key from an office.
  3. Open Access with a Phone Call: Allowing showings with minimal notice, ideal for buyers who spot your listing while passing by.
  4. By Appointment Only: Offers more advanced warning for showings, allowing time for tidying up and planning your schedule accordingly.
  5. Limited Access: Restricts showings to specific days or times, offering the least flexibility but may align with certain preferences.

As highlighted in an article from U.S. News Real Estate:

“Buyers like to see homes on their schedule, which often means evenings and weekends. Plus, they want to be able to tour a home soon after they find it online, especially if they’re competing with other buyers. If your home can be shown with little or no notice, more prospective buyers will see it. If you require 24 hours’ notice, they may choose to skip your home altogether.”

Our agent will collaborate with you to determine the optimal approach based on your schedule and local market trends. Additionally, if you have specific requirements or remote buyers, our agent can explore alternative solutions such as video tours or virtual showings to accommodate their needs.

In Conclusion, maximizing buyer activity is crucial when selling your home. Connect with one of our real estate agent to discuss access options that will enhance your property’s appeal and attract potential buyers effectively in the Capital Region and Hudson Valley.

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